11.12.06 :





CACIB Show in Kassel, D - Judge: Marlies Werkmeister, D

Frida: Puppy class VV

CONGRATULATIONS to  Tania & Hagen !

01.12.06 :





The D's are 4 years old today - CONGRATULATIONS to:  

Diva, Dixi, Duke, Demi, Duschess, Luca, Demsey, Laska, Oscar, Donna og Dena


26.11.06 :






Fabio (Kenzo): Very promising, 1° best baby / puppy !

Flint: promising

Frida: Very promising, 1° 

Duke: Excl., 2° open class 

Esajas: Excl., 4° open class

Earl Kenzo: Excl. 

Demi: Excl., 1° champion class, CK, best female, BOB -  BIS !

Enjoy (Senna): V.G.  open class



Fabio (Kenzo)                                          Flint                                                             Frida


07.11.06 :

Unbelievable !

After 4 days the new owner of "Game" gave her back - she hasn't the time for a puppy.

That is the reason why we are looking for a good home for this lovely girl.

29.10.06 :





CACIB Show in GALATINA, I - Judge: Balducci Francesco, I

Frederic X: Puppy class VP (very promissing)

CONGRATULATIONS to Gianluca & Serena !

03.11.06 :




Duschess was mated by "Rico"
Fauve puppies expected late November 2006 !!!

Kontakt: http://lam-baias.dk/

Doris Brunhøj

Kulbyvej 43, Kulby
DK-4270 Høng                     Tlf.: 0045 - 47 77 76 30

29.10.06 :





Show in Hannover - Judge: R. Wollensack, D

Frida: Puppy class VV

CONGRATULATIONS to  Tania & Hagen !


29.10.06 :



Se new pictures from the G-litter on the puppy side !

This last week we had a lot of nice visitors........

23.10.06 :

All the puppies from the G-litter has got good homes now – soon they will leave and explore the new world !

20.10.06 :





Se new pictures from the G-litter on the puppy side !

Due to private circumstances, buyers from the US have not the possibility to collect her puppy.

And we will never ever send one of our puppies as airfreight alone in a box.

Therefore we now have a female puppy for sale.

13.10.06 :



Se new pictures from the G-litter on the puppy side !

This week we have got our dinner outside ! 

11.10.06 :











Birthday - the E-litter is 2 years today


Earl Kenzo, Eisha, Enjoy-(Senna), Emma, Esajas, Evita-(Kikki), 

Etna-(Jhana), Edison, Elliot, Eminent-(Ludvig)

01.10.06 :





Briard special in ABANO TERME, Italien - Judge: Emmanuel Yannakis, F  

Frederic X: VP (Very Promissing) !

CONGRATULATIONS to Gianluca & Serena !

29.09.06 :



Se new pictures from the G-litter on the puppy side !  

"This week we we have been a lot out side in the garden"

23.09.06 :



Se new pictures from the G-litter on the puppy side !  

"This week we got first time food out of a feeding bowl"

16.09.06 :








CACIB show in Ballerup - Judge: Ulf Bråthen, DK

Fabio (Kenzo): 1°, 1 best puppy

CONGRATULATIONS to  Dorte and Flemming !


Se new pictures from the G-litter on the puppy side !  

08.09.06 :







Tuesday evening we went to the vet with one of the puppy females, she was limp and didn’t eat.

The vet couldn’t do anything and had to put her down. Zenia was also ill, and the vet diagnoses that she had en womb infection. The puppies where treated preventive with some medications.

Because of our fantastic vet, Zenia and her 9 puppies are now as fit as a fiddle.

Se new pictures on the puppy side !

02.09.06 :








Last night Zenia gave birth to 10 puppies. 3 males and 7 females.

The birth took 8 hours, it was a hard time for Zenia.

At the vet this noon we found out that there where an unborn puppy left. Zenia got an injection and we went home, waiting for the puppy to come. At 18.00 she gave birth to a little male, but he was dead.

We are very happy with the 10 wonderful puppies with an average weight from 458 g.

27.08.06 :







Two days show in Jels - Judge: Marilyn Scrutton, England

Esajas: 1°, 3 class between

Earl Kenzo: 1°, 2 class between

Demi: 1°, 2 Champion class, CK

26.08.06 :







Two days show in Jels - Judge: Mao Persson, S

Esajas: 2° class between

Earl Kenzo: 2° class between

Demi: 1°, 1 Champion class, CK, 2 best female

25.08.06 :



Only one week left until the birth, Zenia is very well and happy........

30.07.06 :



CACIB show in Brøndby - Judge: Elaine L. Whitney, CANADA

Duschess: 1°, 1 champion, CK, best female, CACIB, BOS !!

29.07.06 :



CACIB show in Brøndby - Judge: Michael Quinney, UNITED KINGDOM

Duschess: 1°, 1 champion, CK, best female, CACIB, BOS !!

28.07.06 :



CACIB show in Brøndby - Judge: Wera Hübenthal, SVERIGE

Duschess: 1°, 1 champion, CK, 4 best female !

27.07.06 :



CACIB show in Brøndby - Judge: Ramón Pdestá, CHILE

Duschess: 1°, 1 champion, CK

06.07.06 :













Zenia has been in the France Alpes for a meeting with Pain d'Epice de Majestade. The meeting

was fine. Now we are waiting for the result.


21.06.06 :



Eisha:  HD-B/D   elbows 0/0

Edison (Finland) HD-D/D 

10.06.06 :






































Clubmatch in Belgium 2006 - Judge: Hervé Blasselle & Geneviéve Pareau

Zenia: 1° Champion, best female, BEST OF BREED !!!



Many thanks for the excellent handling to Jean Snoeks and family (Kennel du Manoir Noble) !!!

31.05.06 :




Esajas:  HD-A/C   elbows 0/0

Senna (Enjoy) HD-A/B   elbows 0/0

28.05.06 :












Special show in Hjøllund, DK - Judge: Freddie Klindrup, DK

Earl Kenzo: 1°, 2 class between.

Esajas: 1°, 1 class between CK, 2 best male, CAC.

Duschess: 1°, 1 champion class, CK, Club CAC, best female, BOB !! - NEW DANISH CLUBCHAMPION - CONGRATULATIONS to Doris & Henrik !

Demi: 1°, 3 champion class, CK, 4 best female

Zenia: 1°, 2 champion class, CK, 3 best female.

27.05.06 :


















Briard special 2006 in Hjøllund, DK - Judge: M.C.Beenen, NL

Earl Kenzo: 1°, 1 class between, CK, 2 best male

Esajas: 1°, 2 class between

Senna (Enjoy): 2° class between

Duschess: 1°, 3 champion class, CK.

Demi: 1°, 2 champion class, CK, 4 best female - NEW DANISH CLUBCHAMPION !!

Zenia: 1°, 1 champion class, CK, best FEMALE, BOB


Esajas and Senna take part in a character test for youngsters, they did very, very well - CONGRATULATIONS to Connie and to Lone & Jørgen !!

14.05.06 :

Earl Kenzo (Zenia x Palko)  has got HD-B/B and elbows 0/0......

13.05.06 :

We take a nap before we leave.......se puppies - pictures.

07.05.06 :


Eisha has been at a competition in DCH-Silkeborg, where she got 112 points. She is now in the B-class (obedience).........CONGRATULATIONS to Jette and Eisha !!

06.05.06 :

This week we have been on the beach……..that was exiting !!! l

01.05.06 :

All Demi's puppies have now found a new home.......they will leave us in only 10 days !!

29.04.06 :

New puppy pictures - this week we helped to cut the bushes and catch a "rat" - se puppies !

22.04.06 :



Show in Aars - Judge: Jahn Stääv, S

Eisha: (Zenia x Palko): 1°, 1 class between, CK, 2. best female

15.04.06 :


In this week we had a visit from a shapendoes - we where outside with mummy and grandma, that was funny !!

09.04.06 :



Eisha has been at a competition in Skjern, she was placed as nr. 8 out of 24 dogs, she got 122 points.

CONGRATULATIONS to Jette and Eisha !!

08.04.06 :

We have got puppy food and our movement is improving !!

01.04.06 :

Now we can se, we have 4 double our weight and we can nearly go !!!

25.03.06 :


The puppies has double there weight after one week. They can stay for longer time without there mother now. Demi likes it, because she has more time to go for a walk with us.



Demi is a wonderful mother and the puppies are growing very well.....look at the pictures on the puppy site.

15.03.06 :


Demi has between 17.45 and 22.10 given birth to 10 healthy puppies - 6 males and 4 females. 

Mother and puppies are very well.

26.02.06 :


Eurasia 2 show in Moscow - Judge: Boris Spoljaric, Croatia

Elliot: (Zenia x Palko) Bedst Junior male

25.02.06 :


Eurasia 1 show in Moscow - Judge: Petru Munteanu, Romania

Elliot: (Zenia x Palko) Bedst Junior  

19.02.06 :



CACIB show in Odense, DK - Judge: Gunnel Holm, FIN

Eisha (Zenia x Palko): KIP

Diva ( Zenia x Oliver): 1°, 1 open Class female 

10.02.06 :





Demi was examined ultrasound, the examination was positiv - she is expecting puppies HUURAAAA !

Demi-hvalpe-.jpg (190005 byte)

13.01.06 :

















Demi had a rendezvous with Twiny in France.......hopefully we succeeded - fauve puppies expected media march 2006.


04.01.06 :


We have made an arrangement with the owner of the French Champion Twiny Blond de la Tour Saint-Genin

Demi has a meeting withg Twiny very soon.........se puppies !!



 ----- 2006 -----