15.12.2009 Nordic winner show in Helsinki - judge: Gunnar Jensen, DK

49 briards entered.

Galileo : Excl. 2°


14.12.2009 Finnish winner show in Helsinki - Judge: Johan Andersson, S

46 briards entered.

Galileo : Excl. 2°


The D's are celebrating there 7 years birthday today.....


Diva, Dixi, Duke, Demi, Duschess, Luca, Demsey,

Laska, Oscar, Donna og Dena  


Week 8........


They have had a lot of energy this week. The whole garden has been exanimate.

Most of the puppies are already at there new families. The last few are going to there new homes this week.

We wish all the best for our babies in the future.


See pictures on puppy page.....


11.10.2009 The E's are 5 years old today.....

Earl Kenzo - Eisha - Senna (Enjoy) - Emma -  Esajas - Kikki (Evita) 

Jhana (Etna) - Edison - Elliot, Ludvig (Eminent)



Week 7........


Last week in our house....

This week we where on the beach, there where speed on. It is funny to look at the grown up dogs playing.

See pictures on puppy page.....



Week 6........

They are full of energy. All new things are getting exanimate immediately. Running outside in rain and storm.

See pictures on puppy page.....


One of the lovely boys are still looking for a nice family !


Week 5........

We had many visitors this week. The whole playground has been exanimate - there are new things nearly every day.

See pictures on puppy page.....


Week 4........

This week they have been more outside - the garden looks more and more like a puppy playground.

See pictures on puppy page.....


Week 3........

They are moving much safer now and they have interest for the surroundings.

They have been outside in the Sun a few minutes.

See pictures on puppy page.....


Week 2........

They have opened there eyes, and beginning to walk on insecure legs.

Demi is leaving the puppies from time to time.

See pictures on puppy page.....


Flint is father from 8 puppies, 6 fauve males and 2 fauve females.


Se more here .... Briards aus dem Norden


01.09.2009 The G's are 3 years old today.....

Ginette - Grazia - Gidget - Gloria - Gipsy Queen - Amié (Game)

Galileo - Balou (Gambler)


30.08.2009 Rainer-Wollensack-Gedächtnis CAC show in Schwanau-Ottenheim

Dommer: Annick Loew, F

Ginette : Excl. 1° - open class, VDH-CHA, CAC, best fauve female



1 week old ........
The puppies are growing very fast, Demi is now at 4 times of her normal food - it all lands in the milk bar.
Balou is still not alowed to look after the puppies without a warning look from Demi. Zenia may look, but she don't want to.....

See pictures on puppy page

22.08.2009 Exactly 63 days after the Rendezvous with Jannik Demi gave birth to 5 lovely boys and 3 beautiful girls

Se more on PUPPY side.....

15.08.2009 CACIB show in Hillerød - Judge: Marianne Baden, DK

Gambler (Balou) : Excl. 1° - best male 2, res. CACIB

10.08.2009 Balou is Father from 12 puppies 5/1 black and  3/3 fauve.

se more here : vom Hexenhof

01.08.2009 Balou is Father from 8 puppies 2/1 black and  5/0 fauve.

se more here : Briards vom Vossberg


17.07.2009 Demi is pregnant - see Puppies
04.07.2009 Frida gave birth to 10 healthy puppies - 7 males and 3 females.

Se more here........Pour le sourire des étoiles

28.06.2009 CAC Thüringen 2009 in Mühlberg, D - Judge: Hervé Blasselle, F 

Gambler (Balou) : Excl. 2° - champion class, VDH-CHA-res., CAC-res.

17.06.2009 Balou is Father from 2 fine boys

Se mere her .....www.my-briard.de/


Balou and I passed the companion dog test today J


07.06.2009 KHKG specialshow in Kruså - Judge: Christiane Comby, CH

Gambler (Balou) : Excl. 1° - best champion - NEW CLUBCHAMPION

Earl Kenzo : Excl. 2° Champion class

Flint: Excl. 3° Open class

Duschess: Excl. 1° Champion class

Ginette: Excl. 2° Open class - 4 best female

Zenia: Excl. 1° veteran class - best female - BOB

30/31.05.2009 CFH Clubshow in Wietzen - Judge: Eva Mosimann, CH

Flint : Excl. 1°, best male, BOB, BIS

Congratulations to Sussi and Hartmut !


Belgian  selektion


Judge charactertest: Hr. Decamps

Judge exterior : Salvatore Gianonne, B & Genevieve Pareau, F


Gambler (Balou) : SELEKTIONÉ


30.05.2009 UEBB in De Hahn, Belgien - Judge: Salvatore Gianonne, B

Gambler (Balou) : Excl. 2 champion class

UEBB i De Hahn i Belgien - Judge: Marlies Werkmeister, D

Zenia : Excl. 1 - best veteran


Flint is father from 9 puppies at kennel de la mer de l'est


5 males and 4 females, se more here....... Flints hvalpe

10.05.2009 CACIB show in Kristiansand, N - Judge: Åke Cronander, S

Gidget : Excl. 1° champion klasse, best female, CK, BOS

03.05.2009 CACIB show in Bergen, N - Judge: Hervé Blasselle, F

Gambler (Balou) : Excl. 2° champion klasse, re. CAC


02.05.2009 National show in Stavanger, N - Judge: Marian Sloan, Irland

Gidget : Excl. 1° champion klasse, best female, CK, BOB

21.03.2009 CACIB show in Bergen, N - Judge: Ann Ingram

Gidget : Excl. 1° champion klasse, best female, CK, BOB

15.03.2009 The F-litter are 3 years old today.....


Freddy, Bella, Flint, Malou, Frida, Feline, Boller, Kenzo, Fantastic and Valde


25.02.2009 Good news from Italy - Gipsy Queen HD-A/A


15.02.2009 Show in Ølen, N - Judge: Ilona Onstenk-Schenk

Gidget : 1°, best female, CK, BOB, BIG 3

Grazia : 1°, 2 best female


09.02.2009 Frederic X  &  Mascia Nafany   -   Italy

One male and one female are still looking for a nice home.......

04.02.2009 Flint is father to 10 fauve puppies - all female, the mother is Incenca von der Wanderschäferei.

Se more here: http://www.wanderschaeferei.de/


21.01.2009 Frederic X  &  Mascia Nafany   -   Italy

4 of them are still a viable - se more here : www.allevamentobriard.com/


17.01.2009 We have been at Kennel Toulouse to look for Irma and Balou's puppies - they are adorable.........

17.01.2009 KHKG Show in Strib, DK - Judge : Gert Christensen, DK

Gambler (Balou) : Excl. 1° champion class, club CAC, 2 best male


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