Linda Tjørnelund og Kurt Jensen.

We live in Krusaa, which is situated in the south of Jutland, close to the German border.

In 1988 we got our first Briard. Toulouse Haute Sauternes ”Ronja” a lovely bitch who does her own thing.

We trained her at the DCH until she was 8 years old. (DCH = Danish dog trainers association)

In 1989 on a holiday in South France we run into a Briard breeder (Des Garrigues Basses) where there were puppies at that time. In 1990 we purchased a bitch Frippoulle des Garrigues Basses “Lulú” from them. Unfortunately it turned out to be a big mistake because the dog was very nervous and afraid of all kinds of noises. So she couldn’t be used in breeding.

Lulú’s agility training was done at the DCH.

In 1994 we kept a male puppy from Ronja’s 2nd litter: Mon ami Pour Toujours Baloo ”Buster”.

He was the strongest of that litter and it was a big challenge to get him trained. But you grow with the job.

In October 1999, Lulú had to be put down - only 9 ½ years old, she was full of cancer. The year after, Ronja passed away, 12 ½ years old.

1999 we took a holiday in Belgium. Here we visited several Breeders until we found the perfect bitch. Rashida du Bois d’Howis, by the breeder Du Champ d’Ardoye. We instantly ordered a bitch from her next and final litter. We choose Zenia.

"Zenia du Champ d’Ardoye" is our new breedingbitch.

“Zenia” is a beautiful bitch with a fantastic character.


We are doing IPO training in DCH.



In December 2002 “Zenia” gave birth to 11 healthy and beautiful puppies. 4 dogs, 7 bitches. The father is “Oliver del Conte Rissoso” from Italy.

We have kept 2 bitches from the litter “Demi” and “Diva”.

“Diva” is, however, kept with my niece. “Diva” has inherited her mothers temperament and does everything that is asked of her.

“Demi”, in contrast, asks for attention. She is also very independent and intelligent.

Buster got ill in summer 2003, we did what we could to save him but the 19. of July 2003 he died in my arms. We miss him so much….